World Wide Artist Blog Hop!

So, there’s this thing called the World Wide Artist Blog Hop that my a-maaaaaazing friend Tanya clued me in to when she nominated little ole me to participate! You can find her, and her bloggy goodness over at (and trust me… there is a LOT of awesome yarny goodness there)

You can find my nominees at the bottom of this post. They are worth sifting through boring old me to get to… promise. ;) And, of course, to find more of the participating blogs, jump in your Google search bar, and enter World Wide Artist Blog Hop, and you will find oodles of amazing and talented artists.

Now, on to me…

Why do I do what I do?

My husband was working two jobs so that I could stay home with our daughter. And, most nights, I was BORED! I would finally get Grumpers to sleep, and he would be headed out the door to work for a couple of hours, so I wanted to find something to pass the time. Not only did it become a passion, but my hobby turned in to a nice little business that keeps me just busy enough to help contribute to our household and still keep it from falling apart. Plus, I get to work from home. It is the best part in my opinion. ;)

How does my work differ from others of it’s genre?

Now, this is a tough question. I don’t know that I differ from everyone else. I do know I take a LOT of pride in my work. If I hate it, I don’t want you to have it, so I can be REALLY picky about how I piece my work together. I am not afraid to tackle new things, so that does not limit my abilities in any way.  This really is a tough one for me to answer. Way to go… you’ve stumped me.

How does my creative process work?

It just… does. If I get an idea, I play with it for a bit. I will work and rework it to make sure it is how I like it, This means some frogging and a little cursing, but the end result is always something I am pleased with, otherwise, it gets scrapped until I decide to revisit it. (I have a scrap bin to prove it)

What am I working on now?

Lately, I’ve been chilling a bit on the orders and hooking. After our move (twice) this summer and my Etsy shop was slammed with business, I decided to step back and take a bit of a pre-holiday rest. I am still working on orders, but rather than the dozen plus I was doing per week (which can be VERY difficult when you have a family) I am working on half as many, and finding myself much less stressed.

I’ve revamped a few of my patterns, and written the new Hailey Slouch and matching Cowl. I also have a few more things that need a working pc to finish up (yes, we are having technical difficulties in my world) so, I am waiting on that little kink to fix.

The Hailey Slouch| From Home Crochet

The Hailey Slouch

The Hailey Cowl | From Home Crochet

The Hailey Cowl

Revamped Winter Lattice Pattern | From Home Crochet

Revamped Winter Lattice pattern

I’ve also just finished up a square exchange with some friends from the Hodge, and have been working up a number of Woodland Animal Cowls, Yoda hats (some in Dobby the House Elf colours) and of course, Moose hats!

Custom Order Request

Custom Order Request

It's Moose Season!

It’s Moose Season!

Grumpy do I look?

Grumpy do I look?

It’s nomination time! I am going to nominate TWO blogs to participate. I choose my friend

Heather from over at


Renee from over at

Kimono-So-Cosy Adult Poncho pattern by Heather Gibbs

Kimono-So-Cosy Adult Poncho pattern by Heather Gibbs

Serendipity Scarf Pattern by Renee Kelley

Serendipity Scarf Pattern by Renee Kelley

Head over to snag these free patterns, and leave them a comment to say hi!

Thanks for sticking around to learn more about me and why I do what I do. I really love and appreciate all of the support I receive from all of you who follow me! I’d love to hear more from you, so leave me a comment below. :)

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DIY Glow In The Dark Yarn

Michelle Warwick:

Brilliant. Quite literally. ;)

Awesome Tutorial on how to create Glow in the Dark yarn by Hodge Podge Crochet!

Originally posted on HodgePodge Crochet: DIY Glow in the Dark Yarn

Lately I’ve been having all sorts of fun experimenting with ‘dying’ acrylic yarn all kinds of colors for all sorts of projects! My latest was a cute shade of pink that I wanted to use in a brand new design I’m working on!! DIY Glow in the Dark Yarn

For those that missed the process on how to dye acrylic yarn, make sure you check out my ‘ How to ‘DYE’ Acrylic Yarn’ blog post before going any further to find out how to make your own!

I’ve been wanting to try some new ideas using the ‘dying’ technique, so a few weeks ago when I found myself wandering down the craft aisle of my local WalMart–which is actually quite depressing…but that’s a whole other blog post–toward the paint, I had no idea what I’d find until I started hunting…and then I had an idea!

I happened to see a bottle of this stuff sitting in among…

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Quick Yarn Tip: Never Break Another Button

I know I’m not the only hooker out there who has broken a button (or fifty). I picked up this neat trick a few months back.  

No More Broken Buttons | From Home Crochet

You won’t break another button again. 

Have a yarny trick to share? Post them below! 

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Creativity Takes A Back Seat

This summer has been busy in our house(s). My husband took a job north of my hometown, which meant prepping and selling our home, finding somewhere to live in the new city, getting our stuff there, and finding out upon arriving that we will need to find somewhere else to live! (long story… )

So, we’ve been running around this small city, frantically looking for a new home. We have finally found it! 

Our house back home closes this Monday, and we will take possession of our new home later this month. Because we knew we were having to move again, we haven’t really unpacked here. So, we are basically living out of boxes and suitcases. Not exactly convenient, but better than being stuck with nothing at all. 

I have been working on orders, but my creativity has been pushed back quite a bit. We are also in a new timezone, and after three weeks here, still have not adjusted to the change. (it’s only an hour too!) 

Hopefully, settling in a permanent home will be the answer. 

On that note, I hope your summer isn’t nearly as stressful as mine. ;)

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DIY Bleached TARDIS Tee

Michelle Warwick:

Fantastic Tutorial by Tanya of Hodge Podge Crochet!

Originally posted on HodgePodge Crochet: DIY Bleached TARDIS Tee

Okay…I admit I’ve always wanted my very own TARDIS… Who wouldn’t?!? As long as it comes with a Time Lord, I’m set. :)

Since I am highly doubtful that my TARDIS dream will ever be a reality (anyone out there who knows David Tennant or Matt Smith and is willing to pull some strings would earn my eternal gratitude!), a girl has to settle for Plan B. My Plan B is to put the TARDIS on everything I possibly can.

Today, that thing is a t-shirt!

I had a ball painting the TARDIS on my DIY Handbag, but in order to get acrylic paint to behave better (I admit, I’ve never thought about washing a handbag before…) you need to add some acrylic medium when painting on clothing so that your fabric stays soft and lasts through more washes. Note: You don’t technically NEED to add it–acrylic paint won’t wash out–but it helps…

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Project Fall Square Exchange

Life has been all sorts of crazy around here. Our move has been postponed a couple of times because we’ve been waiting on paperwork, and we have been working on prettying up the house to sell. The nice thing is that my small business has slowed down a bit too. Five dozen moose hats, Creepers and Yodas really took a number out of me this past winter. That is not including amigurumi and other custom requests. I took a few weeks off from touching the hook so I could focus more on packing, painting, and supervising. With two weeks to go, I am ready to go and starting to feel anxious/excited!

Insert fall square exchange. My friend Kimberlie from Shop Kimberlie extended the invitation to her seasonal exchange group. I’ve been invited before a few times, but the thought of working so many squares has always seemed really daunting to me. Until now. The goal. 40 squares by the end of October. Totally doable.

I originally planned to create my own, and I did come up with something. But, it’s just not exactly what I want. So, I started searching, and stumbled on a cute flower square. It’s a freebie from So Far, So Good and it is called the Walled Garden Square. It is simple and cute! I have finished five complete squares and have the pattern memorized, which makes the task a mindless activity I can work on while watching tv.

Walled Garden Square | From Home Crochet

Walled Garden Square


I strayed slightly from the pattern. I am a BIG yanker, so I sized my hook right up to J (6.0 mm) and I needed to make it bigger, so I added one extra round to make it measure 8″. I chose Impeccable Teal and Aran for my colours. The texture of this design is amazing and once blocked, this square will look fantastic!

Walled Garden Square |From Home Crochet

Amazing Texture


35 squares to go!

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10,000 FAN Giveaway!

Michelle Warwick:

Fantastic Giveaway at Pattern Paradise! Get your entries in!

Originally posted on Pattern Paradise:

10K fan poster.jpg

I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself! I’ve reached 10,000 Facebook Fans and I want to celebrate with YOU, the FAN-tastic Fans!

Join me for a fabulous giveaway which will run from June 29th – July 4th, winners will be announced on July 5th!

Check out all the fabulous prizes below and the AMAZING Grand Prize too!

Just head on over to the bottom of this post to see the super, duper Grand Prize and complete the Rafflecopter entry form for a chance to win!


Here is the collection of  great prizes by some fabulous vendors. Aren’t they amazing? Please click on the pictures to visit and support this generous group of vendors.

a crocheted simplicity      from home crochet

Ashley designs corner      BowtykesHodgePodge6000

BrandyLynn Creations      Charmed By Ewe Prize

Creative Hats & More Emmaslouchy     Crochet by Jennifer

oneandtwocompany_ad_giveaways     Country Willow

Danyel Pink Designs     Dolls collage graphic Gourmet Crochet

Granmma Beans Handmade gifts     Hannahs Homestead

Kaleidescope Art n Gifts CCB eBook photoCOLLAGE.jpg    Revee K

wendy     sick lil monkeys

The Fine Lime      yarn medleys from the heart 

  lynscrafts_bcy  sugar spun yarn

sick lil monkeys hook          yarn baby

Allie Cats Hats     …

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