Hodge Podge Crochet Design Challenge! (and where I have been hiding)

Goodness! It has been WAY too long!

Once the nice weather hit, I pretty much went MIA. I also have a lovely suntan, a fabulous garden, and a lot of memories with my family to show for it. ;)

I haven’t vanished entirely though. I am still keeping busy in my Etsy shop, I have taken on a new business venture selling Jamberry nail wraps, and I have been working on a top secret project for a little competition I entered in my favourite Facebook group, Hodge Podge Crochet!

The idea is simple. A handful of designers are given a theme, create a design, have it tested, and our peers will vote on their favourite design! It’s also secret! No one knows who designed which pattern!

Our challenge was… pillows! This one was interesting to do because I have not made a pillow before, but it was a ton of fun for me!

We have finally reached the voting part of the process, and I admit, I am a little nervous. The voting takes place on Pinterest. Likes or repins count as a vote! And, the winner will be determined next weekend! Because my design is still “secret” I can’t tell you which is mine, but if you’d like to head over and cast a vote for your favourite, that would be awesome! Note: you must only vote for one design, otherwise your votes are cancelled out. You can repin others after the competition though. :)

Here’s the link to vote! Hodge Podge Crochet Design Challenge

Designs will go on sale after the competition ends (this way it STAYS anonymous) and I will share with you where you can find each of the designs next week!

I can’t wait to see who wins!

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From Home Is Taking A LONG Break From Crochet

My first square design

My first square design

To those of you reading this, April Fools!

I am not quitting. I love my yarn and hooks so very much. (and, if I did quit, and didn’t use up the five hundred trillion skeins I have stashed away, my husband would kill me) ;)

Have a fab day friends! <3

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KCACO-UK CAL – Square Six

Two weeks have passed since the release of my Larksfoot Inspired 12″ Granny Square, which means it is time for a new square!

This week, we are heading to Moogly blog to dazzle us with the Magic Spike Mandala Square! This was the first square I actually planned my colour placements on, and I love how mine turned out!

Magic Spike Mandala Square

Magic Spike Mandala Square

Head over to https://keepcalmandcrochetonuk.wordpress.com/2015/03/18/kcaco-uk-cal-2015-block-6/ for more information on how to find the Magic Spike Mandala Square pattern!

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NatCroMo 2015!

Good morning and welcome to all of the people who have found me via Crochetville‘s NatCroMo designer tour!

Crochetville Blog Tour | From Home Crochet

I am so excited to have been included, and would love to share some of that excitement with you! I have a coupon code that I will post for you here, good for one FREE pattern in my Ravelry Shop!

NatCroMo Blog Tour | From Home Crochet

In addition to the freebie, all patterns in my Ravelry shop are 20% off for the month of March!

One more bonus for my Facebook followers; I will choose some winners on my Facebook page, www.facebook.com/fromhomecrochet who will each win another freebie! I know, I am crazy, right? All you need to do is tell me what the three truths about me are from the Crochetville blog post! Winners will be chosen randomly.

Make sure you get notifications on my Facebook page so you don't miss the winners!

Make sure you get notifications on my Facebook page so you don’t miss the winners!

So, how about that freebie? Head over to Ravelry and use code: NatCroMoFree to take one free pattern from my shop. The code is active today only, so don’t miss out!

Thanks for stopping by, and please share the good news!

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By Request: “How do you get your squares so square?”

I was chatting with Heather of Keep Calm and Crochet on UK, and she asked me how I managed to get the corners on one of our previous CAL squares so square. I admitted it wasn’t really a big secret; I just added a row.

I did promise her I would blog about it though, so you can all see that my amazing trick, isn’t as amazing as one would think. ;)

So, the square in question is the Harriett Square by Carolyn Christmas. If you clicked that link, you would see the corners were a little rounded looking on the completed square. When I made my square up, as I neared the end, I realized I should have adjusted my hook slightly. My square was a little short for my liking, and it would require too much stretching to reach the 12″ I need for my afghan.

My square looked like this:

CAL Square Four | From Home Crochet

Harriett Square

Awesome, right? I still had to stretch it slightly to get the 12″, but it wasn’t a fight with pins tugging, readjusting and me getting frustrated at the amount of work blocking was.

So, starting off with my Larksfoot Inspired Square, I have just finished with the round of hdc’s and larksfoot stitches.

Larksfoot Inspired Square Before SC Row

Larksfoot Inspired Square Before SC Row

Next, I join in the corner after I have fastened off the previous round. (I technically don’t REALLY do this… I cheat because I am lazy and ss over to it, but for this tutorial, I DID fasten off and I DID join in the corner ;) )

Check out my corner!

Check out my corner!

So, after joining in the corner with a ss, ch 1 (counts as first sc), sc, ch 2, sc x 2. See how pointy it is? Note: If you are more advanced, you may choose to join with a sc, which is what I did in this photo. I will show you how I do that in my next post.

And, after you sc all around, it's a square!

And, after you sc all around, it’s a square!

After you sc all the way around, completing the (2sc, ch2, 2sc) in each corner, join to your first sc, fasten off and weave in ends, and you’ve got a square!

I find adding a sc round is so much easier to make a square flatter, pointier and helps with blocking. I use it when I am short as well, because pulling too much on the square to get it to size really stretches the stitches. Being a tight hooker, I tend to always come up short, so this little trick is very helpful and saves me a lot of aggravation.

I hope you find this tip helpful!

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Clover Applique – Free Crochet Pattern

As a kid, my Grandfather had this little leprechaun friend who only came down from his shelf on St. Patrick’s Day. This little leprechaun told him secrets, and only he could hear him talk. I very fondly remember seeing that little guy sit next to him on the kitchen table and I loved Grandpa teasing because he couldn’t tell me any of his secrets. When Grandpa passed, he made it known he wanted me to have that little guy, but, at 22 years old, I knew where he really belonged, and I brought him to his funeral, and buried him with Grandpa.

I love St. Patrick’s Day. Green is my favourite colour, I am part Irish and the memories of Grandpa and his leprechaun always bring a grin to my freckled face.

I wanted to do a quick little something in honour of that day, so I whipped up a very quick and easy applique pattern that you can use on anything you want to make Irish. I have included instruction to make a three or four leaf clover, so if you need a little extra luck, I’ve got you covered.

Clover Applique Free Pattern | From Home Crochet


  • Worsted Weight yarn (I used Vanna’s Choice in Kelly Green)
  • Any hook size (I used my Bates H 5.00 mm)
  • Tapestry Needle (for weaving ends)

Gauge is not important. You can adjust your hook size to change up the size of your clovers. I crochet tightly and my clovers using my H 5.00 mm measured about 3″ tall.

Stitches and Terms

  • sc – single crochet
  • ss – slip stitch
  • hdc – half double crochet
  • dc – double crochet
  • ch – chain
  • fo – fasten off
Three Leaf Clover | From Home Crochet

Basic Three Leaf Clover

Three Leaf Clover:

In the centre of a MC, sc, ch 2, sc, ch 2, sc, ch 2, sc, join to first sc.

Ch 7, ss in 2nd chain from hook and next 5 ch (stem completed), *ss into next sc, (sc, hdc, dc, hdc, ss, hdc, dc, hdc, sc) in chain 2 space.* Repeat * * two more times, ss in last sc, fo. Weave in ends.

Four Leaf Clover Applique Pattern | From Home Crochet

Need a little extra luck?

Four Leaf Clover:

In the centre of a MC, hdc, ch 2, hdc, ch 2, hdc, ch 2, hdc, ch 2, hdc, join to first hdc.

Ch 7, ss in 2nd chain from hook and next 5 ch (stem completed), *ss into next hdc, (sc, hdc, dc, hdc, ss, hdc, dc, hdc, sc) in chain 2 space.* Repeat * * three more times, ss in last hdc, fo. Weave in ends.

I would love to see pictures of your completed clovers! Post them on my Facebook page, or link them to the pattern in my Ravelry shop!

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Larksfoot Inspired 12″ Square | Free Pattern – The KCACO-UK CAL

I was chatting with my friend Kimberlie about the KCACO-UK CAL that was about to begin and she mentioned they needed a few more spots filled. Immediately, my wheels started turning and I volunteered myself to join.

My first attempt looked great, but I did not like the pulling that was required for blocking, so I worked out a second version and adjusted the stitches so it came out perfect! I hope you all like it too!

You can follow this pattern here in this post, or download the pdf file by clicking on the title directly below. Follow the CAL over on Heather’s blog: Keep Calm and Crochet on UK

Larksfoot Inspired 12 Square

Copyright © Michelle Warwick 2015

Larksfoot Inspired 12

An original pattern by
Michelle Warwick : From Home
This free pattern is registered and protected by copyright. Pattern and
photographs may not be shared, altered, reproduced, sold or published in print or
electronic form without consent of owner. Permission to sell finished items is
granted upon download of pattern. I request you link back to my shop when
selling online.


  • Two or more colours of #4 worsted weight yarn (I used Vanna’s Choice)
  • J (6.00 mm) crochet hook
  • Tapestry Needle for weaving ends


7 dc and 3 rows = 2”

Stitches and Terms

  • Mc = Magic Circle
  • Rnd = Round
  • Ch = Chain
  • Sc = Single Crochet
  • Hdc = Half Double Crochet
  • Dc = Double Crochet
  • Skst = Skip Stitch
  • Ss = Slip Stitch
  • Fo = Fasten Off
  • St(s) = Stitch(es)

Special Stitches/Instructions

Sk3st: In this pattern, sk3st means you will skip one stitch, a chain and then another stitch, for a total of three skipped “stitches”.

Ldc: To complete a Long Double Crochet (UK Long Treble), yarn over, insert hook in the skipped stitch of previous round, draw up a loop loosely (3 loops on hook), yarn over, pull through two (2 loops on hook), yarn over, pull through two (1 loop on hook).

Ltc: To complete a Long Triple Crochet (UK Long Double Treble), yarn over twice, insert hook in the skipped stitch from two rounds before, draw up a loop loosely (4 loops on hook), yarn over, pull through two (3 loops on hook), yarn over, pull through two (2 loops on hook), yarn over, pull through two (1 loop on hook).

The pattern of (ldc, ltc, ldc) is one larksfoot stitch. This pattern was created using a J hook, but I highly recommend you check your tension and gauge as you crochet this square. After four rows, your square should measure 4” wide. If you are off, I recommend you change your hook size up or down to get to the proper size. *Note* It is very important you begin this square with a chain five leaving the centre open slightly. Any other method of Continue reading

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